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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Run to download these iPhone apps for free for a limited time

As every so often, the App Store offers us authentic chollos in applications that normally have a higher or lower cost, but in no case are usually free. The trick is to know what apps and when these offers occur, but rest assured that that's what we are for.
Well, we guarantee that today 11 February 2017 and for a limited time, these fantastic applications that we have in the post have a zero cost . Run to download before the end of the promotion!
A trick, in case you do not have a Wi-Fi network right now to download them is to start the download from the App Store with your data and suspend until the moment you can complete it. This will not matter if the app is paid again, because you have started the download process.

CALC Swift

If you're a good geek, this calculator app will fascinate you . If the native iPhone app is fine, this will leave you with your mouth open, because it has many more functions, it performs graphs and also allows you to perform calculations from the notification center. The best friend of the engineer, at zero cost.

Cut me out

With Cut Me Out you can cut parts of a photo with the shapes you want and paste them in other photos , if it was 3 euros before, now you have totally free for a limited time. Delete backgrounds, add funny stickers, add text and effects ... in short, a powerful collage creator to let your imagination run wild. Of course, then you can share it on your favorite social networks.

 Quickscan +

Everything a must for your iPhone this QuickScan + , that of normal costs 0.99 euros but that now you can get for free. With this app you can scan any document with the camera of your iOS device and also, retouch it and even convert it to PDF.

 The Blocking Dead

In this list of free apps for a limited time we can not forget this hilarious game of puzzles and zombies , now that the carnivals are approaching and surely you will see many. With more than 70 levels, you can entertain yourself for hours developing your wits. Download The Blocking Dead free - usually costs 1.99 euros - and try it, you will see how it hooks.

007's Vidicon

With 007's Vidicon, you too can be James Bond . This powerful app has five recording modes: video recording while you are playing a video, record videos that are playing on screen but with additional music, record while the screen is black, record a video while you are surfing the internet with Safari And record a video while you're reading an iBook.

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