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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Safari Technology Preview's latest beta improves battery performance in WebGL content

Like two weeks ago (and continuing the tradition in its beta programs), Apple just sent a new beta version of Safari to developers. Two weeks after the last beta, from Cupertino send a new version of Safari Technology Preview with important news .

Safari Technology Preview and its latest news

If we see this new version, we see that Apple has introduced a number of quite remarkable improvements, the main novelty is the improvement in the battery life of MacBook Pro for WebGL content .
Safari WebKit will incorporate a more advanced algorithm to decide whether to enable (or not) the graphics hardware dedicated to a particular web page. At present, all 3D web content generated by WebGL generates the use of the GPU dedicated to this function, even when it is not necessary, making an extra expense on the battery of our MacBook.
With these changes, Safari will require the GPU much less frequently than before , since the small page elements will render using the integrated graphics, this means what many suspected, Safari to overuse the GPU for most of the content in the web.
Improved GPU switching for all WebGL content seeks to maximize battery life by adjusting usage and recognition of what really needs additional power, resulting in less GPU usage . Anything that reduces the use of the GPU, will be a great significant improvement in the life of the batteries of all our Macs with graphic cards.

The controversy of the battery in the MacBook Pro

The optimization comes after much community controversy over the battery life of the new MacBook Pro 2016, prompting Consumer Reports not to recommend the Apple notebook among devices to be purchased by customers. Apple corrected a bug (different) in Safari that led to Consumer Reports taking a step back and recommending the Apple computer. However, many users still report a rather critical battery life than previous models of the MacBook Pro.
The graphics solutions that Apple is trying to solve will help extend the MacBook battery life even further by surfing the web through Safari . The features that Apple includes in Safari Technology Preview serve as a test bed for future versions of Safari, these features will be included within the periodic updates of macOS . If you want to know more about this new version of Safari Technology Preview, we leave the complete list in this link .

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