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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Should Apple continue to add the headphone adapter in future iPhone?

After the launch of the iPhone 7 and its lack of connector headphone jack, we raised one of the most controversial issues, should Apple continue to add its headphone adapter in the future iPhone?
Without doubt, everything depends on the type of connector that brings the next iPhone, if the Cupertino continue to bet on the Lightning connector (almost certainly that will be), we will have to pay close attention if Apple continues to add its adapters inside the boxes Of the next iPhone, to stop including these adapters could be the definitive endorsement to the Bluetooth technology but if not, what happens?

The famous Lightning headphone adapter to 3.5 mm jack connector

From the market to the iPhone 7, Apple included a Lightning adapter to 3.5mm jack headphones in the device box, however, I think this is a serious mistake, as they set a precedent for customers, they will continue to wait See an adapter of this type in future iPhone however it may not be. As technology evolves and changes take place, Apple should not facilitate or encourage these transitions for customers over a long period of time .
If we look at Apple's official store, this headphone adapter would cost us 9 euros, a fairly low cost for Apple. It could seem that the correct thing is to include it with an iPhone that ranges from 769 to 1129 euros. However, the same thing happens with the USB-A to USB-C adapter, it also costs 9 euros but this is not included in the new MacBook Pro whose price starts from 1699 euros. So the issue of price should not be an excuse .

Extending wireless options

If we have already talked about the AirPods enough, a few days ago we told you that Apple already has a sale date for its new  BeatsX , other wireless headsets in the Cupertino store, ready for users to decide for their best option depending Of their demands and needs.
These are other wireless headphones with the W1 technology that Apple introduced in December. Currently we have several models with this technology, the famous AirPods, Beats Solo3, PowerBeats3 and BeatsX (as of February 10).
For those who still do not understand this technology, the W1 chip helps the headphones that incorporate it to a better connection to all compatible devices of the same Apple ID . Without the need to have to synchronize them individually in each of the moments in which we are. And in addition, their headphones have the ability to "move" from one device that plays music to another without the need to do so manually .
This is another invitation from Apple to switch to wireless technology, multiple options and market prices that are not exaggerated compared to other competitors. In my opinion, all that is missing is that Apple give a little push towards this technology , removing the adapter Lightning to 3.5 mm jack.

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