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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Signal updated with CallKit support, but some users are worried

The Signal messaging and video application  that you can download here , has been updated recently. Supporting CallKit , although some users have been concerned about the security of their communications .
With the introduction of iOS 10 , Apple announced interesting new features. One of them is the CallKit SDK . 
An SDK that allows developers to tailor their iOS call applications , allowing you to easily answer calls from the lock screen , just like a conventional call.
So far everything looks great, but last August, a Russian security company discovered a security breach . 
Apparently the iPhone automatically sent to Apple's servers call history . Of course the information is encrypted, but as all information can be subject to manipulation. And in the wrong hands can cause many users to be victims of cyber attacks.
There is also the fear that Apple may provide such information to government agencies if required. While knowing the story between Apple and the FBI, I doubt it's a possibility.

Is it safe to use Signal or another messaging service?

Many applications are secure, and especially those that come from known developers. 
It is also possible to make some changes in the settings of our devices to be more secure .
In the case of information being uploaded to Apple servers, it is possible to limit this by turning off backups on iCloud. Performing the same locally on our computer using iTunes. 
For this, in our device we go to: 
Configuration> iCloud> Backup and deactivate the "Backup in iCloud" .
Regarding Signal, if you are a user of this application. You can disable the use of CallKit by going to: 
Settings> Advanced> CallKit Usage
As a general advice, it is never advisable to send private information (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) by any messaging service.

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