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Friday, February 3, 2017

Snapchat will be listed in March, does Apple have to worry?

Many technology companies in recent times are going public , in order to raise capital and grow. This is an element that sometimes has launched the alarm among investors, if you were producing a technology bubble , and that is an interesting topic for another article. The point is that in this case has been Snapchat who has jumped on the bandwagon and from March quoted on the stock market, Apple should worry ?.

Snapchat to go public in March with Apple as its biggest competitor

Snap Inc , the company behind the Snapchat app on iOS, is preparing an initial public offering in which hopes to raise 3 billion , and submission to the Securities and Exchange has identified Apple's iMessage platform As one of its main competitors.
At the end of last year, Snap had a reported 404.5 million dollars income a 689% annual increase. The high target of 3 billion for the IPO according to The Wall Street Journal can give Snap a valuation of at least 20 billion dollars.

Snapchat wants to grow gaining investment with its IPO, but it depends a lot on Apple

It is recognized that Snapchat is "heavily influenced" by the technology offered by operating systems like iOS , and could undergo major changes in the way it operates. "We can create new products based on advances in their capabilities, but also can be limited if they choose to block a particular feature or reject new updates in our application."
Snap admits that most users use iPhone , and has prioritized the development of its products on iOS over Android. To make your user growth, Snap suggests a shift in priorities to put the development of Android first , with the additional concern of damage to the business if "less people use smartphones with iOS" and if the company does not improve its Android products sufficiently.
What do you think about this movement of Snapchat? Your opinion is important to us.

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