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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Take a look at these media for your iMac

In this article you will discover some very useful accessories that you can incorporate into your iMac. In this case, brackets to place it.

The importance of the supports

Always advise that our computer monitor is at the correct height to avoid, above all, problems in our back. Depending on your height, perhaps with a large monitor you have no problems, but if you have, for example, a 21.5 "iMac is a problem.
To be below the eyes, we are forcing the neck and back , and from there, if we spent several hours sitting in front of the screen, will begin backaches, neck and shoulders more and more often.
For this reason I have been researching on the net to see how to solve this problem and enjoy our iMac.
Taking care of our back against the iMac
Then you will see some and so you will see what support is most suitable for you. Ahead!

Satechi aluminum bracket

Satechi Support for iMac
The company Satechi has created a support post iMac at a suitable height. It is made of aluminum very good quality, giving enough weight to make it fully stable.
I have an iMac 27 "and the truth is that this booth is not specially designed to its size, but still looks great and its stability is correct. If in your case you have an iMac of 21.5 ", the support will be perfectly.
It also has a space underneath, perfect to keep the keyboard and mouse .
It is available in color silver, space gray, pink gold and gold . It also has the peculiarity that you can also use it as a support for your MacBook. Is not it great?
Also compatible with the MacBook
Its price is about 40 €, but worth it because once in place, love . From this link you can buy this fantastic stand for iMac.

More economical alternative

Moko gives us this same solution with the same material but at a cheaper price. In total costs € 30, and as against only exists in gold and silver. Purchase link .

Stand with functionalities

Stand with connectivity
A very interesting option for productivity and connectivity is as follows. Hands of Satechi bring us a stand that, in addition to supporting the screen of our Mac, we include four USB 3.0 ports and a headphone jack and microphone.
Available in black and also in white. With this support the connectivity of our iMac expands and becomes much more comfortable. The price is quite high, € 50, but if we think well and join the price of a support plus a HUB of connections, it comes up cheaper in this way.
If you are interested, here you can buy it For € 5 less there is the option to purchase the media without the microphone and headphone jack. For here I leave the purchase link .

More economical alternative

At a price of 40 € I have found an option very similar to the Satechi stand of the company DeepCool. It carries the same connections but at a cheaper price.
Purchase link

A wooden stand for your iMac

If you want to give a slightly more classic look to your desktop, we bring you several options of wooden stands. The result is simply amazing, very elegant.
A somewhat different support
As the first option we have the Gearmax stand. It has the peculiarity that its semi-curved leg shape is different from all the others I have seen. The final aspect is very original.
It is made of solid wood and weighs more than kilo and a half, so that the stability will be very good.
The price is somewhat higher than the previous one, but it is understandable due to the quality and materials used in it. Total costs 47 € and from here you can buy it .
Another cheaper option with the same characteristics
If in your case you prefer a little darker wood, from here you can shuffle this option 36 € as price.

Other wood options

As possible cheaper options in this same style of wood I could find the following. Keep in mind that a cheaper price includes something less than quality, normally. But you can try the one that best suits your needs.
Economic support
This support is much cheaper but something lighter, since barely reaches kilo of weight. Otherwise, it has good materials. Its price is 10 € and from this link will buy it .
Option with a drawer
This stand is very original because it has a very useful extra: a drawer to store things. As against, you will not be able to choose to put your mouse and keyboard underneath, but you can leave them stored inside. The price is € 36 and is available in two colors.
Purchase link
For now, this has been everything. We hope we have been able to help you choose the best support for your iMac or MacBook. All the options that we have highlighted are very good alternatives to take care of a little more of your back.
Do not forget that if you acquire some, you can share it in the comments with your opinion about it.

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