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Monday, February 13, 2017

The best applications to scan files with your iPhone

The world is modernized and we all go through the changes brought about by the revolution of the digital era. However, professors and bosses do not seem to want to step into the 21st century and finally send digitized files instead of the pile of folios to which we are accustomed .

Today we are going to show you a collection of apps with which you can scan all these files from your iPhone , and save them in the cloud or on your device.

Google Drive

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Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services, and it turns out that one of its updates included the ability to scan physical documents. The app will upload the document directly to our cloud so that we can access it from any device with an internet connection.

Office Lens

Office Lens

This app was released as an add-on to the many other applications that Microsoft already had in the App Store. Like the other apps on the list, Office Lens will allow us to store our documents in digital files just by taking a photo . The application has slate mode and automatic border detection, so you do not have to crop the image by yourself.

Scanner Pro

Pro scanner
It may be one of the best apps in this field, and it has all the options you can imagine - something is Pro. It handles very well with one-page documents as well as those with multiple documents. In addition, you can upload all your files to the cloud of your choice. The only drawback is that the app is payable, but if you want it, you'll only have to shell out 3.99 euros.


Ios camscanner

CamScanner is one of the applications of this style more known and loved by the community. It is very easy to make it work, and also saves the scanned documents as a PDF file. On the other hand, the app is able to highlight the most relevant data of the document, such as prices, titles, dates and many more things .


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According to many media, Scanbot is the best application to scan our most important files . It has all the functions you can ask for, besides the possibility to upload the files to multiple media or save them to your terminal. The app is free, but if you want to extend the amount of options that you bring, you can always pay your service at the price that best suits your needs.

Our iPhone becomes with every passing day a much more useful tool thanks to the work of the developers. If you study or work, we are sure that these apps will be essential for your day to day life .

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