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Monday, February 13, 2017

The best apps to call you so you do not ever spend Valentine's Day single

Tomorrow is the day: you will be bombarded by hundreds of special announcements and promotions, dedications to the radio of romantic songs, films and series focused on love ... the whole universe will confabular√° to remind you that indeed, you have no partner and you are going to spend San Valentin caressing your dog. It is clear that it is not necessary to have a partner to be happy, but it is nice to share your independence with another person and you can comment together on our posts, right?
So from NewCydiaTweaks we want to show you the best apps to link - or whatever - for your iPhone or iPad so that you do not go back to spend single Valentine .

Best iPhone and iPad calling apps


Tinder is probably the most open and great fling app when it comes to meeting people . Tinder is completely free, although it has some functionality that allows you to highlight your profile like peacock. It works using your Facebook profile and as always, fill in your data, upload the photos in which you appear most favored and start to slide right or left - or up if you really had a cross - according to your tastes . You will only talk to people you have liked.
According to an informal study conducted by several women, he always likes the guy that he finds interesting, which is deduced that men probably give him if to almost everything.


From this app we speak recently for its originality : bringing people together based on the things they hate . Because hatred in common always unites. It works exactly the same as Tinder: complete your profile with age, pictures, nickname and some phrase and then begins to respond to questionnaires as diverse as if you like the pineapple in the pizza or if you like Trump. Although it is in English, with so much publicity it is more and more frequent to find people nearby.


Shakn promises to be the place where real people are, who is also tired of disappointments and looking for a relationship . Of course, if you're looking for something stable, you'll have to try it. In any case it is a free app for your smartphone that has filters, you can propose plans and is quite jealous about privacy.

Wapo and Wapa

Wapo and Wapa
Although apps per se do not usually discern between types of audience, the reality is that if you are not heterosexual, finding a partner is often more complicated. That's why you can try these free and specific apps for gay or bisexual people . Sign up, upload your photos, bring your measurements - if you want - and start talking to people who are close to you ... or not, because what is more beautiful than a relationship at a distance?


LOVOO more than an app constitutes a community, in which it will be easy to meet people of your surroundings with common interests . Unlike the rest, this free app ensures that not only serves to find love, but also to meet new people and expand your circle of friends. Chat, stay with them, share photos. You can download LOVOO on both your iPhone and your iPad.
Do you know any other calling apps? Have you met your partner in any of these apps? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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