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Monday, February 13, 2017

The best apps to search for jobs from your iPhone

Despite the fact that every time they want to make us see that the crisis has already happened and that everything is going to be better, the truth is that there are still many people without work and in active search for it. Nowadays the way to look for and find work has changed, and every time you see less people delivering their résumé by the companies and more doing it through different online services .
A few years ago Internet portals began to proliferate, but today they have evolved remarkably and many have made the leap to mobile devices . That's why in the App Store you can find several applications to find employment easily wherever you are.
Applications to find work on iPhone.
So if you are currently looking for a job and have an iPhone, we invite you to continue reading , because then we bring you a small compilation with some applications that will allow you to find offers from all sectors. Choose the one you like best and lucky in your job search!

Find work with these applications for the iPhone


As it could not be otherwise, the first application of this compilation had to be Infojobs. The job search service par excellence in Spain that has helped hundreds of thousands of people to find work, allows you to have several registered résumés, cover letters, as well as a function to keep track of the status of the candidacies in which You are subscribed. Infojobs can boast of having offered close to one million jobs in the past 2016, a figure that is not bad at all.


The JOB TODAY app offers a way to find a somewhat different job, since it allows the candidate to sign up for an offer with a single click. In addition, candidates receive a guaranteed response from the company within a maximum of 24 hours and can also initiate a conversation directly without intermediaries.


If you are looking for Jobandtalent job can be a great option. One of the things that sets this application apart from other job search platforms is that they handle the entire hiring process, from your first day to the end of the contract . In addition, in Jobandtalent you do not have to look for work, since the platform itself does it for you and in a few minutes you will have a selection with the best offers for you.


LinkedIn is a kind of social network that allows you to connect with other people in your professional field as well as boost your career . In addition, not only can you get to know professionally, you can also access different job offers.
On the other hand, there is also another application called LinkedIn Job Search, which provides you with the tools to find your ideal job or for that job to find you. Look for jobs easily thanks to a location-based search service, receive recommendations and notifications about your searches, and much more.
These are just a few applications that you can find to find work through your iPhone . If you are looking for a job we invite you to download some of these applications and give them a chance ... your next job could be waiting for you!

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