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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The explosion of a MacBook Pro 2015 is reported

It seems that a MacBook Pro would have exploded, which could cause serious consequences for Apple. Let's see more details.
Whenever a device comes out burning or exploding, the few times it happens compared to the large batches of thousands of devices that go on sale, all the alarms jump between users. And we pay a high price for our terminals to have such serious security breaches. The case of an iPhone 7 plus is now added to that of a MacBook Pro.

A MacBook Pro would have exploded, according to reports

As we can see in  Cult of Mac ,  a user of a MacBook Pro Retina of the year 2015 has reported that said device would have exploded due to a failure in its battery, which has completely burned. Although unusual, it is an event that can happen in lithium batteries that have a failure in their manufacture or operation . Daniel Dourvaris, who is called the unfortunate protagonist of this story, told how the sequence of events was:
"I was lying down with my MacBook Pro when it suddenly went out. When I turned it on again, I heard a beep and saw white smoke and flames coming from behind the computer "
As you can imagine, Daniel was frightened and fortunately knew how to act quickly. He took the device to the bathroom to place it on ceramic, and as the white smoke continued to flow and Daniel retreated, the MacBook Pro exploded . As a result, the lower panel was dismissed. While there was no serious personal injury, Daniel's eyes were affected by the odor of melted plastic that shed the burned terminal and suffers from blisters on his hands as he moved the terminal to the bathroom.
While it is an isolated fact, this user was lucky to be around to prevent an explosion near himself or his loved ones; For now there has been no demonstration since Cupertino. Leave us in comments what you think of this event and if you think it could happen more often.

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