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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The iPhone 8 could raise its initial price up to 1000 dollars

It is expected that the iPhone 8 is going to be spectacular, in terms of design and performance. Almost the same as its price, since it is estimated that the most basic model will go on sale from 1000 dollars .

The iPhone 8 will be spectacular ... as its price

As the year ended, the various rumors circulating about the upcoming Apple iPhone were spectacular. The latest rumor comes from FastCompany , from where a reliable source reports that the future iPhone 8 could cost about $ 1000.
Some of the rumors we already know about the so - called "iPhone 8" - although still not sure what the final name is known - report that will feature OLED screen , making the device more expensive.
Another improvement is the increase in memory and the ability to incorporate wireless charging , something that not everyone seems to like.
All these new features, of course, make the device more expensive. If we consider that the model of iPhone 7 Plus  more top and costs € 1129, the idea would not be so farfetched.

The design of the next iPhone according to the source

IPhone 8 concept
According to the source quoted above, certain rumors are confirmed about the design of the next iPhone. The first thing that will stand out is  "something like a sleek black monolith, with few visual interruptions in their elegant design" .
It is said that Jony Ive, Apple 's chief designer, has been pointing an iPhone with a single layer of glass, with the sensor and home button below the screen itself .
That glass body would be surrounded by a stainless steel frame to make it sturdier, and while Fast Company suggests that the screen is measured at 5.8 inches, rumors disagree about it.
They continue to evolve regarding the Home button, but their goal is to launch it on the iPhone of the tenth anniversary.
Physical buttons such as volume button, power button, and mute button could also be deleted. In addition there is talk of a much larger and longer battery life .
Although the price is high like you, it is rumored that Apple would remove different ranges with different features to make it affordable for all buyers .

Lumentum Technology

Apple working with Lumentum
This same source says that Apple is working with the company to develop Lumentum 3D technology to be used in the iPhone, but have not confirmed what they will use it .
It could be used as a way to unlock the terminal to recognize user's face to improve the image resolution or could even be used to implement augmented reality .
After so many rumors there is still nothing clear, neither the screen sizes nor the features nor the final design. 
As the months go by and we approach the Keynote, we will find out what rumors were true and which were not.
How would your iPhone be the perfect 10th anniversary? We want to know your opinion in the comments

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