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Friday, February 17, 2017

The iPhone 8 OLED could incorporate 3D facial recognition technology

The iPhone 8 OLED could revolutionize the year 2017 by offering many interesting features, be a device that could be curved without bezels, a Retina Display three times better than the current, better battery and a new body of glass. Now comes a report by analyst Rod Hall of JPMorgan , which states that the iPhone 8 could incorporate a scanner that makes facial recognition in 3D .

IPhone 8 OLED, an out-of-the-box device?

With so many rumors, we could put the iPhone 8 OLED as the most wanted device of 2017. These rumors for the most part may fail, but with the reliable sources of KGI and Ming-Chi Kuo, it is impossible to lose hope. The JPMorgan analyst says that this scanner will finally replace the Touch ID , he believes that Apple will make the screen wider at the bottom of the iPhone and instead will install this module.
The value of this piece would be 10 to 15 dollars, but by the profit margin of Apple we anticipate that this iPhone will be the most expensive of the history (I hope to be wrong in the end). Also, the other iPhone that by now have the titles of 7s and 7s Plus could incorporate this module but remains in the unknown as the Cupertino are focusing their efforts on the iPhone 8 OLED.

Will face recognition be the new Touch ID? Yes, that is the future

We know that Apple has been behind acquisitions of startups that deal especially with facial recognition, technologies like augmented reality and derivatives. Analyst Hall supports his report that the consumer will be satisfied with this facial recognition , as the Touch ID does not work in wet conditions. He adds that it will be safer and that it could be a major factor in Apple Pay's adoption for banks that hesitate to join the mobile payments service.
Finally, he believes that Apple can be smart and have a special API for this technology. This will help the functionality to have a future and that can be a faithful assistant in the online purchases. Cite the following example, from determining the size of a shoe to ensuring the fidelity of installation (in pieces) of a bicycle .
What do you think of this new rumor? Will Apple discard the Touch ID so soon? Share your opinions in the comment box.

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