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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The iPhone 8 OLED would incorporate a new "function area" instead of the Touch ID

A rumor more from KGI and Ming-Chi Kuo regarding the iPhone 8 OLED, aims to incorporate more than a simple Touch ID. The analyst has released a research note where he exposes a new "function area" that will be located at the bottom of the device. A possible Touch Bar on an iPhone?

The iPhone 8 OLED would incorporate more functions than we imagined, and would remove one that is not so old

The size of this iPhone would be 5.8 inches, without bevels but also reveal more details in a chart that we will leave finishing this paragraph. The iPhone 8 OLED could have a size of 5.15 inches usable display and the rest would occupy this new "function area". 
What Apple would have to sacrifice is the Touch ID, that is, the Apple fingerprint reader could say goodbye on the iPhone 8 OLED. The substitution to this essential function that we have become accustomed from the iPhone 5s would be new biometric technologies, which can provide security and confidence to the user. It is not yet known in depth what measures Apple could take with regard to this last line.
The most noticeable change in the iPhone OLED will be a full-screen design coupled with the removal of the Home button and current fingerprint recognition technology. We expect the OLED iPhone to adopt a physical 5.8 "panel with a real 5.15" display area, the rest will be an area for functions (virtual buttons).

Function area? Apple would put a function from a Mac to an iPhone

Those concepts we saw of an iPhone with Touch Bar could come true, and the idea of ​​having a revolutionary iPhone after 10 years could also be. How much could a possible area of ​​functions contribute to an iPhone? In a simple and pure opinion based on rumors, Apple could adopt a new multitasking and quick actions in the 3D Touch style , besides that could work also being inside an app as it does the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro these days.
We are in the second month of the year, we will surely have more information as time goes by, and who knows, they are probably giving out future leaks. What do you think about this new rumor? Do you think this is something logical or something crazy? Share your opinions with us in the comment box.

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