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Friday, February 17, 2017

The iPhone SE would be the first device to be manufactured in India

We come back with news about India, and these are really good for Apple. Apparently , the first terminal of the apple bite that would be manufactured in the country would be the iPhone SE.

Habemus "Made In India"

A few days ago we informed you in this news about the leak of Priyank Kharge, Minister of Information Technologies of the state of Karnataka, through Twitter on the manufacture of the iPhone in Bangaluru, Tweet that later disappeared .
It was already known that the next iPhone would be made in Bangaluru, as we tell you in this news , but now it has been confirmed that the iPhone that will begin to be manufactured there will be the model of iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE was chosen to be manufactured in India

Through a leak by an industry member who spoke with Reuters , the iPhone SE will be the first "Made in India" phone in history.
The Taiwanese company Wistron has been chosen to manufacture the devices there, to begin  manufacturing, in theory, next April .
The economic Times has reported that Apple would be thinking of manufacturing in its new factory in India between 300,000 and 400,000 units of devices of the iPhone SE, although a source has commented that they would be less units, in the beginning.

Why would Apple have chosen this device to start with?

If we think about it a little, the iPhone SE is the most economical device of all that Apple currently has.
After many negotiations with India, Apple has got a place to make their phones, but for the time being, they seem to want to start with something cheaper for them.
Although many components are the same as the iPhone 6S, having a smaller size causes the total price of the device to decline significantly and, in this way, will attract more to the Apple market to the inhabitants of India .
In addition, as agreed during Apple's negotiations with the Indian government, they would be offered even more economically.
The fact that in India the market share of the iPhone is very low is due to its high price , as it costs around $ 424. If we compare this price with those of Samsung or Xiaomi there, the price difference is considerable, since they cost around 225 $.
The difference is significant, right? Leave us all your opinions in the comment box.

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