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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The new Smart Keyboard 2 for the iPad Pro will come with many new features

A new story fresh from the oven tells us that another of Apple's patents has been published. This time, the protagonist is to put it somehow, the iPad Pro. Although this will not be the central wheel of the news, but a new smart keyboard that Apple seems to have created specifically for his most professional device .

In this new smart Keyboard 2 for the iPad we can find some news, among which we have a button "Share" and one called "Emoji" , plus a way to summon Siri more easily and many more things.

New "Share" and "Emoji" buttons

Keyboard for ipad pro
One of the first things you can see in the patent illustrations is the appearance of a new "Share" button. Touching this button will open a small window in which we will see applications such as e-mail, messages, Facebook or the printer . This key could also be configured for Instagram, Twitter and more. In addition, it includes a button for Emoji, which explains itself.

Inclusion of shortcut for Siri

Ipad keyboard pro
In April Cult of Mac published a report describing the 6 shortcuts that every owner of a Smart Keyboard should know. At the end of this report they emphasized that "There is no doubt that Apple will improve its Smart Keyboard over time. We would like to see volume buttons or Siri shortcuts from the keyboard ... "Well, it seems that by the time it was published and Apple was planning to include these functions in a Smart Keyboard, since the patent was filled a month before That the article be published .

The user only has to touch the button a certain number of times for Siri to appear . The patent states that "In some cases, the device will display an interface for the virtual assistant, so that it can perform search functions and detect voice commands. Touching the search button once will show us a menu in which we will see the Camera, Photos, Clock, Messages, Calendar, Notes and more apps .
In certain applications, a search bar will appear if you have previously highlighted a word or phrase, in a word processor, email, or web page . Touching the search button will show Google or any other search service.

Direct access siri search
Many may think that this should have been the original Smart Keyboard, but like all new technology, you first have to stick your duck to see how it works in the market. This new smart keyboard from Apple also brings new shortcuts, as a new command to copy and paste .

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