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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The perfect apps to complement your Apple TV 4 and iPhone

All those that you have in Apple TV 4 will agree with me in that it is a very useful device and that works to the marvelous. If you have interesting apps installed, you will give a very or very intensive use to everything related to viewing videos, series and movies.
There are many other apps and games within your App Store, but I'm left with four or five, to which I give almost daily use. But as I assume you will also be an iPhone user , it is good to have certain applications as a complement to your Apple TV.
Then I show you a few apps that to me, personally, are very useful, and form a great team with my Apple TV 4.
Let's start!

First application: Remote for Apple TV 4

Remote for Apple TV
Indispensable. Simply. The Siri Remote is very nice, very small and very light, we agree. But how do you feel when you're lying and clothed in bed, and you realize that you've left the handle on the table? Fatal, right?
With the Remote application, this situation will no longer be a problem. It is an application launched by Apple, with which, problems of compatibility and operation 0 . The interface is really simple and intuitive, as it is exactly the same as the Siri Remote.
A pretty interesting option is that you can use the same app to control several Apple TV 4 , if you have more than one in your house. Once linked, it stays saved for when you need it.
Remote app interface
Remote app interface
You can also use this app from your Apple Watch . What else can we ask for? We leave the link for you to download.

Second app: iShows TV

IShows TV Apple TV
For all those users , iShows TV comes in, an application that works as a series database .
The management of this application may seem somewhat complex, but nothing further from reality. 
The first thing to do is to click on the + icon that appears in the upper right of the screen and there will open an interface where you can navigate through several menus.
First, among the suggestions of series are grouped by different categories : fashion, popular, recommendations, social (the series that your friends see) and search.
Once you have added your series, you can see them in the home screen (photo on the right). In the series' own cover, the app informs you how many chapters you have left to see and in which chapter and season you get.
IShows TV
Search interface and home screen
If we are already in the menu of one of the series that follow, the information that offers us is very complete . As in the main screen, it will tell us in which chapter and season we are left, data about the creation, the director, etc .; And a short summary about the chapter that appears on the screen.
A little trick . If you click on the list icon that appears in the upper right corner (left photo), you will see all the chapters in list format (right photo). Very useful to go marking them as seen.
IShows TV
Serial Tracking Interface
When viewing a chapter, you must open the app, go to the series in question and mark it in the list as seen .
The free version only allows to follow up to four series , while the premium version , which is available for € 2.99 , lets you include the series that you want.
In the configuration part, there are different sections. I will mention the most outstanding.


  • Ability to add a Widget.
  • It can be set to let you know when they will be broadcasting the next episode of the series you are following.
  • Possibility of light / dark mode, plus other themes.
To download, click here

Third app: iShowsMovies TV

IShowsMovies TV for Apple TV
The app is from the same developer, as you may have noticed by the similarity between the icons.
This application, unlike the other, is a database exclusively of films .
Its use is almost identical to the application of series. Same menus of suggestions and similar options.
In the main screen, the movies that we have selected will appear, with a maximum of six in the free version .
Regarding the information provided by the application, we will have the option to mark the film as a view or pending. We can also see a brief description of the synopsis of the film, rate it and finally, at the bottom, see the casting that has participated in the film, you can even see what movies have participated if we click on your photo. 
It also offers us a link to iMDb and TheMovie DB
IShowsMovies TV for Apple TV
IShowsMovies TV Interface for Apple TV
For € 1.99 you can buy the premium version and be able to add all the movies you want. In the free version only 6 movies can be attached.
From here you can do it
And these have been the three applications that I use as a complement to my Apple TV 4. I find them very useful , and can help us a lot to organize our series and movies, and control our media player from Apple.
We hope you have been helpful, and you know, if you use some other interesting app, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.

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