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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The South Korean government wants to know when a phone explodes as soon as it happens

There is no doubt that 2016 has been literally an explosive for the industry of mobile telephony year , and I mean not just the sales figures, or innovations that have brought new models to market. But rather the problems that the latter have caused. And we have had a truly problematic year in terms of incidents in mobile phones, with special attention to the explosions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7, which, although they have been more isolated, have also occurred.

Manufacturers are always in the race for the finest design, the most elegant, the most breakthrough. They can become so competitive, they completely forget the safety of its users , and is designing a phone should not only be nice for the user, but also useful. It should protect the components, not expose them to possible blows, and of course prevent a malfunction of them.

South Korea will focus on the safety of mobile phones in order to protect the consumer

Iphone 7 explodes china samsung galaxy note 7
After the very serious problem created by Samsung, the leading conglomerate in South Korea, in its mobile phone division, the country 's government has decided to implement a series of measures specifically designed to act effectively to an explosion or fire in the produced terminals and taken To the hands of consumers. In this case, the main change is the obligation to inform the Korean authorities as soon as the first incident occurs, and not wait ten days, as was done with the Galaxy Note 7 in the absence of a regulation.
Moreover, companies will launch an investigation as soon as they receive the first notification of a problem of this type. All this with the aim of detecting the origin of the explosion as soon as possible, in case it is due to a design failure, as happened with the Samsung terminal.
This should be a global regulation, since it is unacceptable that companies try to hide these occurrences to their consumers, those who decided to give them confidence, to prevent its market value drop some points. Customer safety should always be above all else.

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