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Monday, February 6, 2017

The virtual reality of Apple could be just around the corner

Already in the month of February, there are many rumors that arise about the different innovations as technologies that Cupertino could launch throughout this year. One is on the virtual reality , since it is an aspect that engineers have been developing the company for several years.
In fact, virtual reality or augmented reality is a concept that is attracting much of the attention of the technological world , due to the wide range of possibilities that could be offered. Perhaps this could be the year chosen by the Californian company to take the big step.

Virtual reality for 2017?

As affirmed different sources NewCydiaTweaks has been seriously speculated that the company will release a new model handset with this technology , being the summer of 2017 the date chosen to launch this product possible surprise from Apple, though Left a door open for the year 2018 as possible last selected date.
Note that these talks were held in the show This Week in Tech issued yesterday.
This release could come linked with the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone , becoming a year full of developments in the firm . Finally we will have to wait a little longer to know more accurately about the technology that would be developing Californians and in what utilities and concepts could be used.
In addition, it is possible that virtual reality appears as an accessory for the next big terminal signature, more than expected iPhone 8 . Will Apple impress us this year?

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