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Monday, February 6, 2017

They detect a vulnerability affecting 76 App Store apps

As we know, any device can be a victim of vulnerability, even the applications of our device are exposed to suffer some vulnerability. Apparently Willl Strafach, researcher analysis service, has reported that a total of 76 applications have been violated including dedicated applications to medical monitoring and managements of the finances of users. is a service that scans applications from the iOS App Store for potential vulnerabilities, thus helping developers to protect their code. These scans are looking for vulnerability patterns and it appears that this vulnerability is in more than 18,000,000 downloads.

This vulnerability is classified into three categories

Will Strafach claimed that not all applications have been affected at the same level. According to the report that has done, it is divided into three categories low, medium and high level. Among the affected applications of low level we can be found: ooVoo, ViaVideo, for Snapchat Snap Upload, Uploader Free for Snapchat and Cheetah . Of the affected applications of medium and high level, they did not want to give details since, of giving them, the hackers could attack again.
As we have learned, Strafach has commented that it is almost impossible for Apple to solve this vulnerability directly, these are the words of Will Strafach:
There is no possible arrangement that Apple can do directly because they would not be able to use the certificate deposited in the database. Therefore, the responsibility lies exclusively with the application developers themselves to ensure that their applications are not vulnerable.
We hope this vulnerability can be solved as soon as possible, and as a precaution do not use public WiFi networks to perform banking operations. what do you think about this news? Have you downloaded some of the applications we mentioned?

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