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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

They report shortage of the iPad Air 2, could a new model emerge?

It seems that the stock of the iPad Air 2 is starting to fall short of demand by users. Let's see more details.
There is something that has happened many times in Apple devices that makes alarm bells ringing : the shortage of a particular product. Although it may seem a fact without major importance could be that the shortage of the product is due to the company are focused on the development of the next generation, wanting to get rid of the surplus stock and not replenish it. This is what could be happening with the iPad Air 2.

The shortage of the iPad Air 2 could indicate a renewal of this device

As we can see in AppleInsider  you are beginning to notice a shortage in the iPad Air 2 9.7 - inch . And is that in certain third-party vendors authorized by Apple is generating a delay in the delivery of these devices that makes suspicious in a renewal of this terminal, as the latest rumors about the iPad mentioning the launch of three models .
If we analyze the data in depth we see that there is a shortage in the models of 32 GB gold and space gray and all models with a capacity of 128 GB, advertising in any establishment as "not available" thus suggesting the possibility that not renewed inventory . Even from Apple itself certain models in silver, gold and space gray colors have estimated arrival time around 20 February.
This renewal would be welcomed by users, with the launch of the iPad Pro and its A9X chips, the iPad Air 2 is a bit behind in potential with its A8X chip of 2014. As you see, iPad Air could disappear to Favor of the line Pro that Apple has been exploiting with more intensity of the times. Leave us in comments what you think of the possible disappearance of the iPad Air 2 and if you think it is a successful move.

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