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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tim Cook gives interesting answers on the news of Apple to a French newspaper

Tim Cook visited two Apple Store in France, and after that, gave a small interview to a local newspaper announcing interesting things.

Productive visit to France for Tim Cook

During his visit to France, Tim Cook visited two of the Apple Store in the country , namely Marseille and the Louvre in Paris . There he talked to the workers and customers passing by the store.
On Twitter they could see various photos of the moments they could share. After that, Tim Cook granted an interview to the French newspaper Figaro ,  where he spoke on various topics such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence and taxes.
He visited the facilities of Figaro accompanied by Marc Feuillée, CEO, and Alexis Brézet, editor.

What was talked about in the interview?

Tim Cook to Figaro
Tim Cook posing for Figaro
There was considerable interest on the construction of one of its stores in the Champs Elysees of Paris, which Cook not only confirmed that fact but he was really interested.
It is not yet known whether it will be a shop or office, perhaps both, but what was most sure is that Apple wants a shop in one of the most tourist places of the city of love .
"We're still working on it. France has always had a special place for Apple. This is the best place to discover and study with all musicians, graphic artists, designers or photographers who use our products. There's a lot of creative energy here, "said Apple CEO.
He also talked about the production of the products of the bitten apple, and the possibility of moving some production to the United States,  to which Cook responded the following to muddle through, facing pressure Trump to the topic :
"In these discussions about the location of the factories, there is too much tendency to focus on where the product is assembled. When you open the product and look at the different components, you will see that the whole world is represented. We have 4600 suppliers in Europe, and we have already spent 11 billion dollars on the continent. "
Regarding the taxes and evasion tax which Ireland is after Tim Cook Cook stated:
"We pay more taxes than any company in the world. We do not evade taxes. In our view, the law is clear. We have to pay taxes where we create products. "

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence

Apple Augmented Reality
Apple interested in Augmented Reality
The last point discussed in the interview was referred to augmented reality and artificial intelligence, two areas that Apple is very interested .
"The artificial intelligence makes it even better smartphone" he said. "Remember your life before having an iPhone, and see how it is now integrated into everything it does. It is used to control your health, keep in touch with your friends and family, to pay in stores ... It has become impossible to live without it. "
Regarding the drop in Mac sales , Cook referred to the PCs as a clear example of product sales fall then rise again depending on the season.
Finally, Tim Cook ate together with those responsible for Konbini , and gave them this curious interview.

No doubt, the interview has been very productive, but will we soon see an Apple Store so close to the Eiffel Tower? Very possibly.

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