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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tim Cook has been chosen as winner of the Newseum 2017 in the category of free speech

Tim Cook has one more reason to rejoice today as he has been named winner of the Newseum 2017 Free Expression Award in the free speech category.
The reason why the CEO of Apple is the winner, is because it has been recognized for creating technology with a profound impact on communication and using his position (CEO) to have a public position , that is, the role leading to present their ideas and views on such issues as racial equality, privacy, the environment, civil rights of the LGBT community and others .

Tim Cook, the most expressive CEO todayTim Cook

April 18 will be the day Tim Cook will receive the award. The organization based in Washington, DC created with the aim to explain and defend freedom of expression and the five freedoms of the "First Amendment" .
You could say that Tim Cook is one of the most relevant CEOs in the world of technology. He has always been very expressive and has been very critical on issues that are important in the world. At the moment he has expressed in the company about the position of Donald Trump towards the refugees and citizens that come as visitors to the US, which unfortunately have been closed the borders to enter the country.
Among other issues, he has defended the rights of its workers and has developed plans to make education an important part in the lives of children pillar , through the creation and development of tools to learn to be programmers. There is no doubt that the prize is fully deserved.
What do you think about Tim Cook's leading role in society in the US and his employees at Apple? Share your opinions in the comment box.

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