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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tim Cook receives his honorary degree from the University of Glasgow

Tim Cook, Apple CEO has received an honorary degree from the University of Glasgow today  in the UK. The ceremony was accompanied by a short interview where Tim described this institution as "one of the best universities in the world".

The title of the University of Glasgow

During the interview, we saw some important statements such as the Apple CEO's condemnation of the new immigration law passed by President Donald Trump. In the interview, Cook said that " if we get up and protest, we become part of this law ."
Donald J. Trump was not the only novelty in the interview, the Cupertino boss talked about Apple's role in multiple sectors, programming and even dared to answer some questions about Steve Jobs, we finally saw Tim receiving his honorific title While giving a small leap of happiness .
Cook also wanted to have some words for the students of this institution assuring that people should not work to earn money, " it will be spent fast, or it will never be enough ". He also said that there is a big and important difference between loving work and doing work, as advice that would give your younger self.

The Tim Cook interview

Returning to the interview section and the new law of President Trump, Cook said that Apple thrives on diversity and that doing nothing was not an option, firmly asserting its refusal to this law. I do not support the immigration ban ."
A fun passage in the student question and answer section, a student asked if he could get a job at Apple, which Cook immediately urged him to go to the company's work site.
In conclusion, Tim Cook also wanted to repeat his comments about the importance of learning to codify as a skill, saying that it should be required in all schools before receiving his degree. He also said that Steve Jobs was the person who influenced him most in life "in many ways . The university is posting photos and videos of the event to its Twitter wall .
Before the Apple CEO came to college to receive his degree, he visited the Apple Store in Glasgow, where he took some selfies with customers and store employees. This round that Tim Cook is giving Europe, does it mean to be able to see it for one of the Apple Store of Spain ? We'll be alert.

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