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Monday, February 6, 2017

Tim Cook said, "It is shocking," The iPad and Tablet sales worldwide fell

The reported results for the first quarter of 2017 , Apple revealed that iPad sales are down substantially, Tim Cook said, "It is shocking," The iPad and Tablet sales worldwide fell.
Situation market Tablet in late 2016 to early 2017, may be less favorable than when  IDC  and  Strategy Analytics  report ranks vendors Tablet during Q4 2016 Shipments decreased to 20.1%. compared to the same quarter of 2015.

Popular Tablet lower overall cost.

Price Tablet is one of the factors that affect the volume of purchases. See report on Q4 2016 found that the proportion of sales of Tablet iPad Pro, Apple's high prices dropped significantly compared to the general level of prices in the Tablet Lenovo and Huawei is growing more and more.
Eric Smith, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, said Tablet 2 in 1 is very popular. And be of interest to buyers. The user can use the device both Tablet and Notebook, but with the price of the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 has a relatively high price. Making it difficult to reach buyers resulted in sales in the 4th quarter of 2016, resulting in very few continued until Q1 2017 as well.

Even more interesting is the smaller version of the iPad.

IDC also revealed that the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini is also a Tablet to generate revenue to Apple much , but it seems that Apple will focus on pushing the iPad Pro by IDC suggest that should push another generation to grow up with.
Apple revealed that iPad Pro records satisfying the market share of Tablet Price Premium in the US is 85%, but the information that competitors such as Samsung began sales of close to Apple's much more in the 4th quarter. year 2016 Samsung Tablet can be sold on the market to include a total of 8.1 million units, ranked first, followed by the Apple Tablet has sold 13.1 million units behind.

iPad Pro has good feedback from users.

Apple iPad Pro that will be used to position the device to replace the PC, but the analysts believe that the iPad Pro from abroad must have certain features that make the buyer feel worthy and worthwhile. To change the Smartphone, PC to iPad Pro.
The Tim Cook CEO of Apple said that sales of iPad and Tablet worldwide drop "is very alarming," in spite of the feedback and satisfaction of the iPad Pro is very high and he himself believes what. these are good results to come out good.
In 2017, there were rumors that Apple may launch iPad Pro model, the new third dimension by a version with improved performance improvements. And may be accompanied by the full screen, full width. Along with a new 10.5 "Tablet market to recover to a much higher return than it is not.

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