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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tips for iPhone 16GB

Currently having in our hands a 16GB iPhone device can be a challenge to survive with the applications of our day to day. That is why it is interesting to know certain tricks and tips to get the most out of these devices with only 16GB of storage. Is it possible?

Survive with a 16GB iPhone

Undoubtedly one of the major drawbacks in Apple devices with this storage is the limitation that presents when using our terminal every day, since every day are more the utilities that are incorporated in the terminals.
The first practical advice is to eliminate all those applications that we no longer use . It will seem very obvious, but there are certain apps and games that take up more space than we would imagine. For this reason it is necessary to have a record of the space occupied by each one.
Google Drive update for iOS
On the other hand, if we store all the photos on our iPhone, we should opt for cloud systems . A good alternative is Google Photos or Google Drive. In the case of the first, we will have all our photos available wherever we go, although we must be very careful with the use of data , as we can take some surprise.

Gaining space: the challenge to achieve

The music is another resource that usually take over much of our terminal storage. For this reason, we have the best option is to use internet reproduction services, such as Spotify . Although this alternative will also consume much of our data in case we are not connected through a wireless connection.
A great tool that iOS offers us is storage management and iCloud . To access this option, we only have to go to the Settings and access the General section. Next, we will see a list with all the applications installed in our device and the storage that occupies each one of them. This way, we will have an exact reference of the storage that each app needs.
Malware in Spotify for Mac
With these little tips we can free up much of the space of our iPhone . So if you own a 16GB device (a server is included here) you can still get the most out of it.

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