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Thursday, February 2, 2017

United Airlines to work with Apple to strengthen business

A major airline, United Airlines, will work with Apple to improve its business side . Let's see how they will do it.
If there is something to emphasize to the Apple brand is that from the beginning they knew to stand out above the rest in both marketing and business strategies that, although at the time could seem risky or with little chance of success, time gave them the reason In their decisions. And although today Apple is not that breakthrough company, an airline has decided to partner with the Cupertino company to improve its business aspect.

Apple will work to improve the business aspect of United Airlines through applications

As we are shown in 9to5macfriends  the airline United Airlines will work jointly with IBM through its partnership with Apple to develop a series of business applications compatible with iOS . This way more than 50000 employees of this airline could benefit from this type of applications, increasing the productivity of the company. An example of this is that from now on tasks and indicate the location of the arrival gates can perform through the iPhone or iPad rather than having to rely on a fixed terminal dedicated to this task.
It is not the first strategy on the part of United Airlines focused on increasing, through the iPhone or iPad, the productivity of its workers and increase the overall workforce of the company, and they did it for tasks such as managing payments and access to manuals . The work between these companies will be held by IBM enterprise application called Mobile at Scale , which will rapidly develop and launch these applications dedicated to the workers of the airline.
Thus they designed directly for the type of company applications and the way they work will be created with United Airlines, which represents a significant advance as far as productivity is concerned.
Leave us in comments what you think of these business applications and if you think they are useful to increase the productivity of a company.

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