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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

User builds Apple Campus 2 in Minecraft

This is the anecdote of the day in the world of the apple, if we knew that Apple is in the last phase of construction of its next headquarters in Cupertino, today we know that a user is performing the same work of Apple Campus 2 inside Of the world Minecraft .

Minecraft Apple Campus 2

The new Apple campus in Cupertino, California, has been under construction for several years (it is expected to be completed this year at this new venue), it is one of the most expensive and ambitious buildings in the United States ). While Apple works hard putting the finishing touches on its new campus ( by April it should be over ), Minecraft player Alex Westerlund has been building a Minecraft version similar to that of Apple's Campus 2.
According to Westerlund, the construction of the campus in Minecraft has taken nothing more and nothing less than 232 hours in a year . For the realization of this work, he used several construction plans together with some topographic maps to create an interpretation as accurate as possible to the reality (up to the land where it was built).
As you can see in the video, the main ring-shaped building has been faithfully recreated , with its curved glass windows, massive doors, solar panels, window awnings and many more details.
The courtyard of the main building has several paths, two caf├ęs, a patio, cherry trees, a gym and even a fountain , while the interior has different areas where you can appreciate a huge cafe.

Apple Campus 2 in the real world

The second Apple campus is about to complete its works. If we look at the last of the videos made with drones , it is appreciated how a large crowd of workers were working hard in the main garden and in the placement of the last solar panels of the campus.
It is expected to be fully completed during this year 2017, but what is still a mystery, is the exact date of the transfer of Apple employees to its new corporate headquarters.
Westerlund has confirmed to some media that as long as Apple continues to work on its campus 2 he will continue to develop his virtual version , dedicating nothing more and no less than four hours a day of his time to make his work as accurate as possible reality.

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