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Friday, February 10, 2017

WhatsApp adds the two-step verification security feature

WhatsApp, the instant messaging giant has added very important security functionality: 2-step verification.

WhatsApp already has 2-step verification in your application

The company has been developing the two-step verification function to improve its security in recent months. The messaging platform has released this improvement today, after several months of testing.

What is 2-step verification for?

It is a very efficient security measure, since it will be almost impossible for you to steal your WhatsApp account.
With 2-step verification, you can set a six-digit password, which will be required each time you install WhatsApp on a device. Unless you reveal this information to someone - or it is too simple and common - the chances of someone going into your account would be remote.

How to activate this verification process?

WhatsApp Two-Step Verification
To activate the security feature, you must open the application and access Configuration / Account / Verification in two steps / Activate. Very easy.
When you activate this function,  WhatsApp will ask you if you want to add your email address . The application will use it to send you a link to your email in almost to deshabitar the verification in two steps, in case you forget the six-digit code that you assigned, and as a method of protection.
As an aid to the user, the application will periodically request the six-digit verification code so that the user is not forgotten . 
There is no way, for the moment, to disable this option without having to un-check the two-step verification function.
It seems that  WhatsApp is putting the batteries, as this option has been available for a long time in its main rival Telegram.

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