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Sunday, February 5, 2017

When will we have new features in WhatsApp?

A few months we hear that very soon we will be able to delete the messages in WhatsApp before I read one whom we send. However, much to sound the river, the water still has not arrived and making developers take wait perhaps too long .
More than two months ago we heard the first rumors suggesting us the option to delete messages llegarçia before the end of 2016 and yet, we have seen how Telegram has already incorporated this feature , so, personally, I can not understand how not begin to incorporate this and more features.

Delete messages in WhatsApp, group size and more

WhatsApp is not just the application that remains more a day, and neither has maintained its updated design and has not been able to bring us the functionality that their competition-which is being Telegram- months it has . Of course, there are the "supergroups" of 5000 users that offer us the latter, tremendously far from the few 256 that we can put together in WhatsApp.`
To this is added the need for a large portion of users to delete messages before they reach their destination, and that everyone at some time or another will have gone through that moment of celebration when you decide that it is a great Idea put a whatsapp to your ex. More than one would have killed to be able to delete them in time, but today is something that we can only do in other applications.
ChitChat WhatsApp Web for Mac
However, this is not all, as WhatsApp, as commented recently our fellow Andro4all, does not have a desktop version in conditions or limits us when to send different files , both in quantity -only can send 10 As well as quality (25 MB maximum).
In other words, WhatsApp is not perfect , far from reality. You must implement new features or at least the others already offer- we want to keep long - term leadership. And you, do you expect them to bring new functions at once?

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