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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why do people think iCloud does not delete their history?

A published report indicates that iCloud would be storing more data from our Safari history than it should.

ICloud storing more data than it should

Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft, yesterday issued a report that his iCloud account may have stored more Safari history than it should.
This was discovered in a history deletion database, where it could extract a plain text to reveal the URLs of the pages visited.
This data is obsolete and we have learned from other sources that the problem was solved, at least for most users, for almost a year. As soon as the problem was discovered, Apple solved it quickly. 

Why does Apple store our data?

Apple keeps our data for a simple reason. As soon as fixed the problem of plain text with URLs was accessible from iOS 9.3, so for most users the problem has not been such for almost a year.
Since then he has fixed the server side problems for the rest of the users, sources familiar with this problem have stated.
Maintaining this data for a certain period of time helps users who have had their device turned off for a long period of time to access all of their data when they activate it again from their backup.
There, all the latest Safari data will appear even if the device is not used for a long time , which makes synchronization more reliable.
Safari Settings Panel
As shown in this image, an iOS message shows us when the Safari history is deleted, it indicates that it will delete all the history of the devices connected to iCloud.
Safari offers us the possibility to delete the history simply, a very different option to erase history and data . Perhaps this fact has caused confusion to appear on the part of Elcomsoft and users on how this function works.

The advantages of using iCloud

There are many advantages, but the main thing is that your Apple ecosystem will be able to share all your data, be on the devices you are , regardless of your location.
You can synchronize your data between all your devices. Like for example, browsing from your iPhone in Safari, then continue doing that Safari search on your MacBook or iPad. This is why iCloud needs to save this data to ensure that all information is fully synchronized .
And now that you've read the whole article, do you think iCloud keeps too much data or what it does right?

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