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Friday, February 10, 2017

With these five photography apps you can capture incredible images on your iPhone

In recent years photography has become one of the most important points when buying our smartphone. The iPhone, of course, is known for taking magnificent photographs in almost any situation - as long as it is not too dark . This is why today we bring you a collection of apps with which you can control each of the parameters of your photos , and in some cases, you will have the option to edit with them images that you already have on your device.


Vsco photo apps
We started with VSCO, and this may not come as a surprise. According to the opinions of the users, this is one of the best photography apps for your iPhone. With it you can take photos directly from the application, and you will have the possibility to change the values ​​of the image so that it is to your liking . In addition, it also offers a very comprehensive editor and multiple filters that surely will not leave you indifferent.


As the name explains, Manual is an application that gives us almost complete - if not total - control of the camera of our iPhone. We will have control over the trigger, white balance, exposure, ISO and many other things . If you want to take advantage of the clear advantages that the iPhone has over competitors, this app can be very helpful.


Will proccess

This app has a design very similar to the iOS native camera, however, we have a lot of extra options to make the best photos with our terminal. ProCamera offers several ways to configure the values ​​of the image, and also we can add filters very interesting and a night mode .

Camera +

Camera + ios
In Camara + we can find a variety of options, such as different scene modes, editing tools and exposure adjustment. It also has different flash modes, option with which we can even select whether we want continuous lighting or flash front , and everything well organized in a nice and intuitive interface.


Hydra ios
This is one of the best performing photography apps in low light times . It has a great HDR mode for both images and videos, a "low light" mode, and also the possibility of rescaling images up to 32MP. If you usually take photos in low light, this app is perfect for you.

These applications are well liked by the public, and they offer us functionalities that we could not reach with the default app of our iPhone. We hope this compilation of the best iPhone photography apps has been very useful .

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