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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Workflow, the app that can not be missing on your device

Good readers, today I want to bring something different and since I have not done any analysis for some time, let's do it in this case of an application called Workflow. So without further delay ... We started!
Since the computer revolutionized the market and made a gap in our day to day many applications that has been designed to cover any type of need we have through our device. But every time we want to do more specific things and we have the problem that we do not know how to do it (and hire a specialist will cost us something expensive). Today we are going to leave you with an analysis of this application and hope that it helps you in your day to day if you intend to create automations or workflows and without needing to hire a professional.

This is Workflow

It is a personal automation tool, which allows us to drag and drop, create combinations, in short ... create our small app. It is certainly an application that caught my attention because in a single application we will be able to perform various functions, and all this in a very simple way that I will explain later. This application includes more than 200 different actions, including Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, AirDrop, Twitter among others.
It will also allow us to share music through some messaging application such as Telegram or WhatsApp . Many users especially those who start with the iPhone and are unaware of the methods to make this possible, complain that they can not have music on their device or that they can not send songs by WhatsApp, and this happens to become a disadvantage for the About this operating system.

Create your own Workflow

From our iOS device , we are going to go to the App Store , followed by this we go to the search engine and we write 'Workflow', as we see this application has a cost of 2.99 € since it is not free, but I consider it worth Worth downloading for this price. Now, once we have downloaded it and have it installed in our device, we will open it.
First:  We are on the main screen, this as we can appreciate has a simple interface. At the top we find a tab called MyWorkflow and another called Gallery, if we click on "Gallery" we will get a gallery with the workflows created by other users that we will also be able to use. We are going to create our own Workflow , for this we will click where creates Workflow.
Second: It opens a window in which gives us the option to name the Workflow (workflow) that we are going to create, for this we go to the tool icon that appears in the top right, and there We proceed to give him the name. For example, I will put "Capture" and select an icon for this workflow. Once we have done this, if we look at the bottom gives us a number of options to add to the home screen etc. In Type" we can leave it in Normal, or add extension, as we want. And In the  "Aceppts" section that is what we accept we will click and select only images, click Done to save these settings.
Third: Now if you look at the bottom we have a button to the left of actions (Actions) . In this case we will create a workflow so that when we create screenshots directly these will be uploaded to a specific folder in our Dropbox . By default the suggestions window appears, but we click on the "Actions" button at the top left, and it sorts the options by categories, so we can look specifically for what we want. We go to Potosi and video" , and drag the option we want to the right, in this case select " Get lastest Screenshots" and asks us how many screenshots we want to include, we add those that We want
Fourth: Once we have added this option, we want to upload it to our Dropbox account as we mentioned before, for them, we will go to "Actions" again and go directly to the searcher that appears to us above, since this will allow us Go directly to what we want, we put Dropbox, and give us the related options, we click on  "Save a Dropbox" , and drag it to the right, as we had done before. And it gives us a new option that asks us where we want to save it in Dropbox, it also gives us the option to specify the path where we want it to be saved, personally it is more comfortable to ask us, once we have done all this, we give Done Save the changes we have made.
Fifth:  To check if we have created the workflow correctly, it will be enough that we make five captures, and we give to execute the Workflow from the own application, for this we go to the Capture tab and select the icon of the triangle like the one of  "Play" automatically looks for the amount of catches we have specified previously, and will ask us where we want to save it, giving us the options that we have inside our Dropbox account and we give  "Save" , to save.
They will then start automatically uploading these captions to Dropbox and they will be saved. When this process is complete, it shows us a preview of the captures you have saved and gives us the option to share them. Another option is to go to one of the captures give the option "Export" and within these options gives us the option to run that workflow, we give it, and opens us in the background, let's say the option to select the flow Of work that we have done with the images, in this case, we only have the capture, we give, and skip the option again where we want to save it inside Dropbox.
Remember that, we have made this example simple, but we can also create an icon and have it on our home screen so remember to click on "Add to home screen" and we will create a URL, we give the icon to export And we add it to the home screen , and we already have our little application created by us. This for example we can create it so that, by clicking on that icon, we call FaceTime to a specific person, for example, the person we most call, our friends, etc.
Download link here .
The first time may seem complicated, but it's like everything ... as we use it we will be releasing more with the application. I hope this analysis of the Workflow application will help you, as it will give us various tasks.
If you have any kind of doubt leave us in the comments. What do you think of this app? Are you going to download it? Did you already know her? Tell us your experience in the comment box. Thanks for reading!

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