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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A store returns several iPhone SE to Apple, signs of March event?

One of the most surprising rumors of the latest dates , and as we told you here , is the possibility that in this month of March a Keynote will be performed, where some interesting news will probably be presented, mainly with a possible updating of the iPhone HE. At the moment nothing official is known about it and only some rumors or details that could point to this circumstance, that surely would be well seen among the fans of the bite apple. To this is added a fact that has raised all the suspicions, and is that a store has returned several iPhone SE to Apple , the reason will be for an upcoming event this same month of March?

The indications are pointing to a possible event in March after the return of iPhone SE

Target's guidance this week instructed its stores to return a certain number of iPhone SE models to Apple for today, March 1, according to a company memo obtained by MacRumors . The iPhone SE devices to be returned include six 16GB and 64GB unlocked models in gold, silver, rose gold and space gray, and two Sprint models. An employee anonymously reported that his Target store had not received an iPhone SE stock since before the iPhone 7 was announced in September 2016.

A strategic decision that could be motivated by new presentations soon

Many reasons could be pointed out for Target to return iPhone SE stocks, such as poor sales of some models, but it all seems very mysterious, since this decision comes just weeks before the rumor about an Apple March event in The one that would announce a SE iPhone of 128 GB.
According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an update of the iPhone SE is unlikely in the first half of this year , so Apple smartphone fans should not have hopes in a new model, in any case, what is probable is a renewal of the current But with more storage capacity of the current models of 16GB and 64GB, going to 32GB and 128GB.
What do you think about this decision of Target? Your opinion is important to us.

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