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Friday, March 3, 2017

After the End: Forsaken Destiny, the new minimalist iOS game

The mobile gaming platform is becoming more and more amazing. In addition, the market brings a lot of benefits to its companies and its developers . Something logical considering that we are always with the smartphone (or tablet) in our hand.
Lately the most successful titles are having in the App Store are minimalist cut games . Whether it's the style of their graphics, the experience they offer, their play ability, or their simplicity of use ... they are the most downloaded iOS.
After the end
Such is the case of Alto's Adventure , Monument Valley or Godus . Its minimalist graphics provide a new way to enjoy the experience in its different stages.

Embark on a mysterious adventure full of funny puzzles

Speaking of minimalist games, the last to reach the App Store has been After the End: Forsaken Destiny . A game full of fun puzzles that, in a way, reminded us of Journey for PlayStation. Although to be more exact, it is a kind of perfect combination between Monument Valley and Adventures of Little Eco - Lost Sounds.
If you like this type of games, you should try After the End: Forsaken Destiny on your iPhone and iPad. It is a very creative game with wonderful ideas. The ideal game to get lost exploring and immersing yourself in your story .
After the end
In After the End: Forsaken Destiny you will control a small dark creature with a red scarf as you open up the different scenarios solving puzzles.
After the end
Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended game, and also has its own application for iMessage , the fashion messaging platform in iOS.

After the End video gameplay: Forsaken Destiny for iPhone and iPad

Are you thinking of buying this game? Want to take a look at its operation before downloading it from the App Store? If so, we leave here a video gameplay:

Download After the End: Forsaken Destiny

You can get this fun minimalist game for iPhone and iPad in the App Store for € 3.99 from the following download button:

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