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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Analysis curved-edge OLED screen may be the new standard for Smartphone

Smartphone rumors are plentiful now. Whether the big brands like Samsung and Apple, the main feature of the talks, that is curved-edge OLED screen is expected to launch two brands, according to rumors. This feature will become The standard for the new generation Smartphone

OLED screen, curved edges, the new standard for wireless Smartphone.

Samsung brand is famous for the production of curved OLED screen used in Galaxy for several generations. It is not uncommon, but in 2017, Samsung has also released a video to promote the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus to highlight special features borderless screen.
The benefits of OLED displays curved-edge addition to beautiful. Can also increase the visibility of the screen as well. And a curved side can also take advantage of displaying a notification and access shortcuts to apps like the Samsung Galaxy uses.
That Apple or Samsung to focus on increasing the use of screens, more. That part of the efforts to cut off the Home button and then let the panel functions as an OLED screen with the display area increases. It can function as buttons to control app versatile than ever.
The increased screen space To help meet the demand for more multimedia. We can not deny that shoot video, play video via Smartphone is what most users use it primarily.
The new Smartphone in trying to secure a fingerprint check. Or iris scan, so users are assured of greater security.

iPhone generation OLED display

By Apple itself previously selected using LCD screens throughout, but for some reason, made in 2017, Apple has decided to switch to OLED screen on the iPhone versions to meet the usability of the user logic. The above

In 2017, there is news that Apple produce OLED display from Samsung and other manufacturers were somewhat stressed by Apple to produce a new iPhone model year 2017 is enough. The new technologies are put to. Charging systems for wireless systems, iris scanning or face detection, using a stainless steel frame around the machine and so on.

2017 Year of the Smartphone features.

Brand Android-powered Smartphone Smartphone launched several models in the MWC 2017 saw a team that most still have changed markedly from earlier versions, too. Make expectations fall to launch a new version of Samsung Smartphone on March 29, 2017 is expected to launch and Apple's flagship Smartphone during the month of September every year.
Interestingly, the year 2017, the brand will leverage Smartphone major trump card to show something different. Which is expected to see a curved-edge OLED screen is expected to be one of the main features of the Smartphone version will be used in the future.

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