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Friday, March 3, 2017

Apple follows legal dispute against Qualcomm in the UK

Apple and its legal battles, that would be of this company at the moment if we were not talking day if and day also of its legal problems in the European Union and more concretely in the United Kingdom . On this occasion we return to the issue of Qualcomm. To recall, Cupertino had sued this company for a patent issue related to modems .

Apple returns to sue Qualcomm, but now, in the United Kingdom

Recalling, Apple's first claim to Qualcomm occurred in the United States just a month ago and also in China for the alleged violation of the antitrust law . Everything is related to a series of patents. This time the company of the bite apple continues with its network of demands by other countries , and this occasion has touched it in the United Kingdom , presenting the same writing that in other countries as United States or China.
The demand is so identical, that even the compensation money is asked for. It is clear that the company will end up in the courts around the world with the same writing. In my opinion I do not know if it is to pay more attention to them, or to collapse the Qualcomm company with so many citations in such different courts, and with different legislations. I say this, because the company Qualcomm already stated recently that it was obsessed with the demands of the Cupertino .
Will this legal battle persist in different courts? It is a question that we all ask ourselves today, and that surely has an answer in some years, when the judges start to issue sentences.
What do you think of Apple devoting so much effort in the courts and not innovating in their products that is what they really need? Leave us in the box of comments everything you think about these demands. Your opinion is very important for us.

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