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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Apple will support a student in a US Supreme Court case

Since Apple are not afraid to get wet in current political issues and this time they do to defend the rights of a student.
Recently Donald Trump, in his position as current president of the United States, has made a controversial decision; One more of his long list. And it has revoked the law of transgender baths promoted by his predecessor Barack Obama that allowed transgender children to use the bathroom they preferred according to the gender with which they identify regardless of their gender. Now Apple gives its support to a student affected by this fact.

A student will receive Apple's support from the US Supreme Court

Supreme Court United States where Apple will defend student
As we can see in The New York Times ,  since Cupertino have lent their support in a legal brief that defends the rights of a transgender student regarding the use of the bathroom of the genre with which he feels identified. It is not the first time since the company of the apple have spoken about the controversial law of Donald Trump . This writing has been signed by another multitude of companies such as Amazon, IBM, Twitter or Yahoo which accounts for the unification of the stance that stands against the increasingly controversial political decisions of Donald Trump.
The student, Gavin Grimm, will be defended at the end of the month in the Supreme Court represented by the American Civil Liberties Union in turn that the letter signed by the conglomerate of companies that support him will be presented through the Human Rights Campaign , an association Non-profit organization combating discrimination based on sexual orientation.
It is not the first time since Cupertino has been fighting for the rights of the LGTB group since similar actions have been seen in Arizona, Arkansas or Indiana where controversial laws allowed discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation under the term "religious freedom." Leave us your comments on what you think Apple will take part in these types of issues and if you think your support will influence the final result.

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