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Friday, March 3, 2017

Facebook is testing "City Guide", one more function to connect with your friends

Facebook does not cease its efforts to continue working to expand its tentacles to any area that may involve socially minimally . Several users have been activated a feature called "City Guide" in your social network app for your iOS device . It is a new feature that suggests places and events of the city in which you are .

New Facebook role in testing, just for certain users

The first to echo this new function was the TNW medium , which already discovered it last year. But now it seems that it has reached more users who are echoing it in other social networks . This could indicate a greater deployment and that little by little maybe it will reach the totality of Facebook users, although there is no official information.
The new function "City Guide" is the union of Facebook with tourism . Suggest interesting and popular places of the city in which you are , as well as indicating if your friends have visited the social network. It also serves to recommend you upcoming events or to those who are attending your contacts , which could be very useful in finding someone to attend.
Screenshots from TNW

Facebook is interested in tourism

There are many other applications that offer this type of information, but without the social incentive that Facebook has. The recommendations or the stays with your friends, undoubtedly is the extra that can offer you this new function . Mark Zuckerberg's social network could become an interactive tour guide when visiting another city, including notifications of attractions and events.

At the moment it seems that "City Guide" is in tests and has only reached a small number of users, have you checked if you have been activated? If so, tell us in the comments!

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