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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Facebook officially launches its application for Apple TV

When Steve Jobs had the vision to create the Apple TV intended that this device became the owner and lord of our living room , a tool for entertainment and fun at home, and from that moment that has been his goal. Of course this is a difficult challenge, but it seems that little by little this goal that Jobs intended, and that hard work for it Tim Cook, can end up getting it , and that has received a major accolade in recent days, by announcing Facebook , The social network with the largest number of users, a specific application specific to the Apple TV , a giant step forward.

Your living room will be more social thanks to the application of Facebook for the Apple TV

Facebook has officially launched its video-centric application on the fourth generation of Apple TV tonight. Facebook announces the new application as a primary source for consuming more video content. In the app description, Facebook explains that its new video application offers a wide variety of content , including videos shared by friends or pages that follow, as well as live videos from around the world and various recommended content based on The viewing history. In addition, you can access view viewing history for easy review .

Facebook also with this step aims to consolidate its leadership as a social network

The Zuckerberg first announced its plans for a Facebook application video two weeks ago , explaining that the application would offer a new way to enjoy Facebook videos on a larger screen. Before launching its video application, Facebook relied on the promotion of AirPlay from each user's iOS device as the best way to watch videos on the Apple TV service. However, the new application offers a more integrated and integrated solution for users of the fourth generation of Apple TV.
What do you think about this important step of Facebook to integrate into Apple TV? Your opinion is important to us.

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