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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Google may launch Pixel 2, this year focusing on Premium no-cost version

It is reported that Google may launch and Pixel 2 is released later this year  on the market, Premium no-cost version.
AndroidPit international media had a chance to talk to Rick Osterloh, Director of Hardware at MWC 2017 about Google's new Google Pixel year 2017 (Pixel 2) that will be launched this year or not.

Pixel 2

Rick Osterloh, said : "It will follow the schedule of the company. But this year you can track and count the days waiting for it. Although I've never heard of schedule "  so AndroidPit guess the answer to Rick Osterloh as possible like the Pixel 2 will be launched and released later this year.

Pixel 2 no-cost version

In addition, Rick Osterloh revealed about the stance of Pixel 2 is a Premium Smartphone   like the first version. No cost version released anyhow.
Foreign media said Google's position is that the Pixel Smartphone Smartphone Premium level is to challenge the Premium version of the iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 it is not.

Pixel 2 could be launched in October.

Scheduled for launch Pixel 2 that there is no clear conclusion by the year 2016 Google Pixel has released the first version in October 2016, and if nothing changes, Pixel 2 is expected to launch in the same period this year.

Pixel is a Smartphone, Google directly is made out to be quite good enough to do that this year, 2017, Google will rebrand and add new features. Updated or upgraded versions of the same specification to the next track.

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