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Saturday, March 4, 2017

How to customize your iPhone to Android Nougat style

Leaving aside the competitiveness between both operating systems, Android also has its good things . Discover how to customize your iPhone to Android Nougat style.
Lately, in Cydia, many of the Jailbreak tweaks have a style very similar to Android Nougat. It's becoming all fashionable.
The tweak called NougatShortcuts , developed by Ben Giannis, converts the 3D Touch menus into rounded elements very similar to the Android Nougat options .

NougatShortcuts: Android Nougat on your iPhone

The only bad thing about this interesting Cydia iPhone tweak is the separation between the elements of the 3D Touch menu and the lack of transparency on the buttons. But you must recognize that this style is quite elegant.
NougatShortcuts adds a new configuration section in the iOS Settings app panel . You will find some very interesting options to set up.
You will have a button to enable and disable the Cydia tweak on your iPhone and options to adjust the style and radius of the rounded corners .
Although your iPhone does not support 3D Touch functionality, if you use a tweak like Forcy to simulate pressure 3D Touch you can also enjoy the customization of NougatShortcuts.
It is always good to have other alternatives when it comes to customizing the iPhone user interface, even if it is from Android Nougat, we must recognize that the aesthetic that gives us this customization tweak is not bad.

Download NougatShortcuts on your iPhone

If you are interested in trying this amazing Cydia tweak on your iPhone, you can download NougatShortcuts on your iOS mobile device from the BigBoss source or repository completely free of charge.
What do you think of NougatShortcuts? Do you like this style Android Nougat? Do you prefer the aesthetics of the iOS user interface? You can share your opinion with us and with the rest of readers of the blog in the comments and in the social networks!

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