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Saturday, March 4, 2017

IOS 10.2 hides a surprising hidden feature of Ethernet

The latest iOS versions have been supported for Ethernet connectivity for a long time. However, so far Apple's mobile operating system did not have a user interface related to that connection.
In iOS 10.2, Apple has added an item in the Settings application user interface to configure Ethernet connectivity. But it is hidden!
When you connect an Ethernet-compatible adapter (Apple sells an official one) an Ethernet configuration panel automatically appears under the Wi-Fi section of the iOS 10.2 Settings app.

How this secret Ethernet functionality works in iOS 10.2

Steve Troughton-Smith, the developer who discovered this interesting novelty, Ethernet connectivity setup is a good addition in the application settings for anyone who usually uses this type of connection on their iOS devices.
Since 9to5mac have already tested this type of connectivity on an iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.3 beta 4, and works as expected. In fact, they have recorded it on video so we can take a look at this new Settings panel.

After connecting the USB Ethernet Adapter to the iPhone using the Lightning Adapter to USB Camera 3 the new Ethernet category automatically appears in the Settings app.
As you can see in the image capture that we have attached, the Ethernet configuration panel is between the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sections of iOS 10.2 and iOS 10.3 . Clicking on this section displays all the data and details about Ethernet connectivity.
The section also seems to suggest that you can even have multiple Ethernet adapters on the same iOS device.
It is a rather simple hidden function, but it can be very useful if you prefer to use Ethernet connectivity on your iPhone or iPad.

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