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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Military Neurons and Flock of Birds Game, two games to keep the mind alert [Promocodes]

To finish the week today I bring you two very interesting games, developed by some Grenadian boys, called "Military Neurons" and "Flock of Birds Game". After a few days of testing, I bring you a review of both applications, and also find 3 promocodes of each application ... Who will be the fastest to play a game of the presented?

"Military Neurons", put your mind to the point with this game

This fantastic game can be very useful to train your mind to a "war" . This camouflages behind a "military" interface although what it keeps inside this are different mathematical problems. These 100 tests will prevent "the death of one of your neurons." Will you save them all?
These mathematical problems, which are basically simple equations, so that we add, subtract, multiply and divide in an agile way with our mind. We must be fast, because we will have a clock at the top that we will end up hating, because in most cases it will be reset to zero before we finish the mathematical calculation.
For me, a game that should not be missing in your iPhone if you want to reduce the chances of having degenerative brain disease in the future. Also if you want to kill time in certain situations like on a long trip, this can be your game that will end up becoming a favorite.
And now let's go to the promocodes of this game, which you sure want to try, because in the App Store it has a price of € 0.99 , but with some of these promocodes you can get it totally free.
Download the application here .

Flock of Birds Game, another game to keep your mind awake

Do you consider yourself a skilled person? Prove it in this application in which you must take your flock of birds to the ends of the map without crashing against the enemies.
To avoid these enemies we must move our iPhone so that the flock moves to one side and another. By changing direction, we will be avoiding colliding with these and failing at the level. The objective? Overcome the 48 levels that is divided into three scenarios.
With this game you can become the most skillful of your friends, training this skill or demonstrating it if you already have it. It should be noted that the game works very well at 60 fps , and with a very pleasant music . This game like the one above should not be missing on your iPhone for public transport routes or for those dead hours we do not know what to do.
The game itself is priced at € 1.99, but you can get it totally free using one of the following promocodes. Be fast because only the first can take this application completely free.
 Download the application here .
Have you been fast and caught some promocode? Have you been excited to buy these great games? Leave us all your impressions in the comments box because we will be happy to read them, and know what you think of these games.

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