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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New rumor assures that the next iPhone would have augmented reality

Rumors continue to remain about the iPhone 8 and improvements that Apple's new device can implement . Those of Cupertino are raising a great expectation around their new flagship in the anniversary of the tenth anniversary of its appearance, and is that if it is taking more and more form the fact that we see an iPhone with OLED screen and that it can disappear the Touch ID as we know it now, a new rumor points to the possibility that Apple includes the augmented reality inside the new device. In this sense it is important to emphasize the commitment that has always made Tim Cook of this option versus the virtual reality.

Augmented reality could be a reality on the next iPhone 8

Apple has repeatedly dismissed the option of introducing augmented reality features into its future products, something that then contrasts with Tim Cook's endorsement of this option versus that of virtual reality . Now recent rumors have indicated that Cupertino will launch a choice of glasses with AR for this target, although UBS analyst Steven Milunovich argues that we will first see a more practical approach to Tim Cook's , probably present on the next iPhone.

Apple would be investing a lot of effort to implement augmented reality

Through a research note that was analyzed by Business Insider, Milunovich cites several industry sources, who report that Apple " may have more than 1,000 engineers working on a project in Israel, which could be related to AR . It seems reliable since all the information comes from anonymous "industry sources ", which makes it necessary to be cautious, but it is also true that these statements make sense given the line carried out by Apple with recent acquisitions .
Do you think the next iPhone 8 will have Augmented Reality options available? Your opinion is important to us.

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