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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nintendo Switch Parental Control Application Now Available

Tomorrow is the big day, tomorrow comes Nintendo Switch to many homes in the world, a console with which Nintendo wants to revolutionize the way we play portable and in front of the TV.
Well, as it was announced at the time, it is already available in the App Store " Parental Control of  Nintendo Switch ", an application from which we can use the parental control of the console.
Does my child spend too much time playing with the console? What are your favorite games? Do you use programs with content appropriate for your age? These are some of the questions that Nintendo intends to solve with this application.

It was never so easy to manage the use of a game console

In this way, we can not only mark specific play schedules , but we will know in detail the number of hours that someone has been playing the console and what titles has done.
In short, we are faced with a basic application for all those users who are thinking of buying a Nintendo Switch with minors.
 Nintendo Switch Parental Control is available for free and is universal .
Nintendo Switch Parental Control (AppStore Link) Nintendo Switch Parental Control 
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Rated: 17+
Price: Free

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