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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Outlook for Mac will integrate enhanced Gmail features

The Outlook mail client will integrate Mac features taken from Gmail, another one of the great mail platforms. Let's see more details.
Since the beginning of time, computers and computers have been closely linked to email, mainly for work reasons. With the passage of time, the way to check our emails has been evolving and now most people use our smartphone for this task. Mac users are in luck because Outlook brings interesting features.

Outlook on Mac implements enhanced Gmail features

As we can see in 9to5Mac , the Microsoft e-mail platform, Outlook, will implement interesting features in its version for Mac ; Mainly would adopt two functions that we have already been able to enjoy in Gmail: the calendar and the contacts . While it is true that you can manage Gmail mail accounts from Outlook, this will be the first time that both the calendar and the contacts can be managed using the Microsoft database. In this way the user can perform the same steps that he already does in other sections such as adding, deleting or editing time and location but applied to these two innovations.
As for the arrival time to users who are members of Office Insider Fast , something equivalent to testing the betas of operating systems in Apple and have access to features before anyone else, will be the first to take advantage of new tools that arrive To this mail platform. After a trial period with this small group of users, it will reach all Office 365 customers using Outlook 2016 for Mac.
Also the innovations arrive in the other direction; Gmail users will also soon be able to enjoy new features of Outlook as a more optimized inbox and greater ease for flight bookings or package pickups. Leave us in comments what do you think of the next reaches the two major mail platforms and which one you think is better.

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