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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Plan your next vacation with Facebook's new functionality

Facebook is the largest social network in the world , so all companies working in the advertising sector try to work as much as they can with the information they provide from this company and, of course, with the opportunities that facilitate them to advertise in Their platforms. Our profiles are populated by advertising, adjusted to our preferences, to help us find what we need, or to create a need we do not yet have.
The idea of ​​Facebook, for these next years, is to access as many aspects as possible of our life , both public and personal. In this way, they will be able to embed in your pages advertising even closer to our tastes, so that this works better with us. The functionality we teach you today continues with that philosophy, although this time it applies it in a way that may even be useful in future trips .

Discover City Guides, Facebook's commitment to "social tourism"

City Guides on Facebook
Yes, now Facebook is ready to be your personal guide to discover the best places in each of the cities you visit. Facebook City Guides teaches you from the places most commonly frequented by the inhabitants of the city that you have chosen, until the next events that will happen in the same, happening of course by a list with the best tourist attractions of the zone. All arranged so that you can know better the cities to which you travel .
At first glance, City Guides seems to be a direct attack on the well-known Google Maps, although, if you look closely, Facebook's approach is completely different. The main function of Google Maps, is to guide you to each of the places you need; City Guides, on the other hand, is not prepared to give you simple directions, but to quickly and easily provide all the information that the inhabitants of the cities themselves offer , so that you do not leave a single important place without visiting.
City Guides has already been available in a limited way in the testing phase, however, Facebook has already started the service launch globally . That said, what do you think the new proposal of the company?

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