Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Say goodbye to printers with the new iPad Pro

Although expected for this March that starts today, the iPad Pro is expected to see the light in June . However, Apple has already begun its advertising campaign to arouse our interest in the iPad Pro, especially as a substitute for the work laptop .
To show a button: days ago began on Twitter an original marketing strategy that perhaps went a little backwards to judge with the black humor of the social network. But Apple continues to believe firmly in its new tablet, so much so that in its next announcement promises that you will forget the printer thanks to its Apple Pencil .

And it is that the qualities of the Apple Pencil are many , as we can see in the advertisement . For example, it allows us to sign documents from our iPad Pro and send them via email in PDF format, avoiding the printing of these. Nor can we forget that from iPad and iPhone can be easily printed in various ways , including AirPrint, Apple's own development for such a task.
IPad Pro
But is that Apple is convinced that lightweight laptops have the days - something we are not so sure, judging by the success of Microsoft Surface or the presentation of the latest Samsung yesterday in the MWC 2017 Galaxy Book - because with iPad Pro you will enjoy its mobility, lightness, high connectivity, you can edit and open your Office files and of course, your work tool will be free of viruses.
One thing is clear: the iPad Pro is undoubtedly the best tablet on the market , but does it allow you to work as comfortably and smoothly as with a laptop? Here we have our doubts, highlighting for example the importance of iOS allowing the integration of a mouse , in addition to the Apple Pencil and keyboard you can use.
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