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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Snapchat would be developing a new drone and a 360 degree camera

After an intense wave from its competitors in terms of a wide similarity of features released, a TechCrunch report points to Snapchat launching a very strong offensive in which we could see a new drone and a 360-degree camera. These projects would help you in a strategy in which you want to offer the market products that can be useful in the daily life of anyone. Currently the Spectacles are for sale in the US, and you could say that they are unattainable since in several countries the price is increased. Could Snapchat be distinguished from Instagram Stories and derivatives in these new products?

Snapchat wants to revolutionize the social media market

If with the Spectacles, Snapchat managed to attract the attention of a sector of the population, there is no doubt that they want to reach greater dimensions. Consumers who are engaged in photography are a large market that is booming, and manufacturers are putting it forward in efforts to be leaders in the industry. And this is where Snapchat wants to put all his efforts.
Sources indicate that Snap already has a developer member who has a great experience in 360-degree cameras, as well as in stereoscopic cameras. The launch would not be in the short term as it is still at an early stage in terms of research. Snapchat would be marking an Apple, since they inform that they have been in contact with companies to be able to acquire them although all they have done is to explore and to gather information on the competition.
In some cases they have made acquisitions, others have talked to several people and given them a lot of things. Snap shows a little leg and flirts to see what they can get.
To get a 360 camera, you would have to closely follow one of the stronger competitors like Samsung with its Gear 360.

The future could be in the drones

The New York Times reported yesterday that Snap began working on a drone, but this product would have more doubts because it could have the competition far above expectations. Citing examples like DJI, GoPro's Karma (despite an unexpected product recall) as the most popular, Snap would have tried to agree on an acquisition of the startup Lily. At the moment it is no longer active in the market and that makes think that Snap no longer has some strong card to enter a market that seems to reach a point of maturation.
What do you think about this new rumor of Snapchat? Do you think we can see any new Gadget like the Spectacles? Share your opinions with us in the comment box.

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