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Friday, March 3, 2017

Spotify reaches 50 million paid subscribers

The online music market is very competitive, many services are looking to take much of the cake. But it seems that Spotify is still number 1 , although it will not have it easy.

Spotify outperforms the rest

Yesterday we talked about a new service in which he is working, where he seeks to stand out from the rest by offering music without loss of quality  what they call Hi-Fi .
As for numbers, it continues to show that its number of users is far superior to the rest . Yesterday, from their official Twitter account , they launched a tweet where they thanked the 50 million subscribers .

Amazing growth

As announced by the company, those 50 million users are paid subscribers . 
Last September , they announced that they had 40 million paid subscribers , and in only 5 months they have made 10 million more . That represents a 25% growth .
Meanwhile, Apple Music continues to grow. 
Towards the end of 2016 , Apple announced that they had 20 million paid subscribers . Although it is very likely that after these months, that number has increased.
Both Spotify and Apple Music offer free alternatives , albeit with different features. Apple Music offers the first 90 days free, without any limitations of use. While Spotify has a free service with no time limit, although with some limitations of audio quality and maintained mainly with advertising.
Face to face both services are very good, and their adoption depends a lot on the taste of each user. Spotify has more time in the market , since October 2008 and the number of subscribers so demonstrate. Meanwhile,  Apple Music came almost 7 years later , in June 2015.

With these numbers, Spotify remains the king in front of the competition. While Apple Music occupies a generous second place . Will Apple Music be able to live up to Spotify in number of paid subscribers?

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